December 7, 2023

I would like to print in four-color process on cotton t-shirts, what is the complete Kit, from the film to the fabric? It should have a 50w UV lamp. (What light voltage do you recommend, for this type of printing, instead of 50w UV?

The four-color screen printing It is the most evolved and difficult type of printing, which is why it requires adequate equipment silk screen printing.

The goal is that each phase of the work, from prepress to printing, is carried out perfectly and without errors.

– Printing on four-color film with a screen: one is neededimpresora ink jetRIP compatible, where RIP is essential to manage frame sizes and shapes.
One such printer is the Epson SC p 800, compatible with Accurip.

– Engraving of the frame with a pattern: a point light source is needed, because the diffuse light generated by the neon does not have sufficient resolution to open the points formed by the pattern on the frame. With already-to-use emulsion such as QLT, sensitive to white light, a halogen bulb of about 300 Watt power can be used as a light source.

– But, for the exact reproduction of the plot, optimal adhesion of the film and the frame is necessary. The ideal is the pneumatic vacuum system.

– For a good reproduction of the gray scales on fabric, we recommend recording on canvas frames of 90 threads/cm

– Therefore, the most appropriate ink isplastisolwhich, as it does not dry in the frame, allows the four process colors to be printed in succession with some peace of mind.

– Of course, a small supply of Plast Cutting Paste, essential for cutting, when necessary, process colors (especially Cyan and Magenta), to correct their intensity and obtain a more faithful color in the final design.

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