December 6, 2023

If you think that having a small kitchen is an impediment to achieving a beautiful and functional design , think again! With the growing popularity of mini apartments, architects and designers have created different solutions to make a small kitchen remodel easy and affordable bathroom remodel Waukesha.

And since at tandjremodeling we want to help you design the space of your dreams, in this article we will share our best tips for remodeling a small kitchen, taking advantage of every square centimeter. You will love your new kitchen!

How can you accommodate a small kitchen?
The first step to doing a successful remodel is planning, since you must define what things you want to change, which you want to keep, and which you want to eliminate completely.

But what is essential? Consider that the key to organizing a small kitchen is to focus on functionality , so you only need three areas to have a practical and efficient kitchen:

  • Food preparation and cooking area
  • Cleaning area
  • Storage area

To distribute these three areas you have many alternatives, although the most common in small apartments are line or L-shaped kitchens. With this base, below we will show you some ideas that will help you optimize the use of space.

Ideas for a successful small kitchen remodel

  1. Take advantage of vertical space
    One of the goals of your small kitchen remodel is probably to have a larger storage area. In this case, the solution is to take advantage of every centimeter of the walls. For example, ceiling-high modular cabinets are a perfect alternative for storing large pots or dishes.

Now, if cabinets seem like too much and you are looking for an alternative to remodel small kitchens on a budget, consider using shelves. In them you can place your tableware or spice racks, and to improve their aesthetic appearance, consider the idea of ​​decorating them with LED light strips.

Complement the use of shelves with bars and horizontal supports. These will be used to hang the kitchen utensils you use most, your apron or some small pots. These are perfect if you like modern or industrial style kitchens .

  1. Use the corners
    If you have already taken advantage of the height of the walls, pay attention to the corners! These are usually points that are wasted, since the utensils stored there are very deep and difficult to access.

To optimize this space, the designers have come up with corner furniture. Their main feature is that they have rotating baskets that allow better organization of your utensils. These can also slide out, making access easier.

  1. Incorporates folding furniture
    Another way to take advantage of small kitchen remodeling and maximize its functionality is to include folding furniture. For example, you can install a sliding board that covers the dishwasher while it is not in use, giving you a larger preparation area.

Another example is folding tables. These are attached to the wall and, when you need a work space or a place to eat, you can unfold it and have an additional surface in your kitchen. This is a great idea if you are looking to remodel small kitchens on a budget.

  1. Add a bar or island
    Continuing with the food preparation area, one way to achieve a larger work surface is by designing a U-shaped kitchen. This is achieved by placing countertops on two adjacent walls of the kitchen (L-shaped) and prolonging the work area. work with a bar or peninsula . You can also install a small island.
  2. Play with colors to maximize the feeling of spaciousness
    Being narrow, small kitchens usually have low lighting, so they can look dark and unattractive. But this has a solution! Go for light tones such as white, gray or beige , and you will see how the luminosity of your kitchen is amplified, making it appear larger than it really is.

If you want to remodel small kitchens with little money, we recommend starting by changing the backsplash tiles. This small detail will make all the difference and will not significantly impact your budget.

  1. Change accessories
    As we have seen, you don’t need to make big changes to achieve a successful small kitchen remodel. If you focus on replacing the right accessories, you can achieve great results and renew the atmosphere of the entire room.

You can change the dishwasher faucets , the old hardware on your cabinets, stain the wooden furniture or include new decorative elements such as plants, colored glass glasses or hanging lamps.

Finally, a rule to maximize space in small kitchens is to keep everything in order. Make sure that every element, utensil and food remains in its place, be it the cabinets, the refrigerator or the shelves.

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