December 1, 2023

Find out how you can sell your home quickly with the option to rent. An innovative method.

When you put a house up for sale, you do it in the hope that things will go as quickly as possible. However, for everything to happen at best, we must put all the chances on his side. But first, what does it mean to sell your house quickly? Sell ​​your house in less than a week? In less than a month? Do you think you can put less than three months to sell your house? It would indeed be a reasonable way of seeing things. But it is difficult to get an idea as long as you have not put your property on sale austin house buyers.

Yet, the numbers are known: on average, when you decide to put a house or apartment up for sale, you have to wait less than 90 days to complete a transaction. But it’s an average. When you are under 90 days to find a buyer, this is called selling your house quickly. When we go beyond this period, we cross the psychological pivot point of the sale of a property beyond which there may be a problem. And then, the more time passes, the more questions are asked, and the more risks there are to be in a complex situation to manage. Either you end up selling your house, or you bear the cost patiently waiting for the ideal buyer. Neither of these two solutions is satisfactory.

Of course, the national average does not always reflect what is happening in your city, or neighborhood. Selling your home quickly is more or less difficult, more or less fast, depending on the region. Some goods can wait 250 or even 283 days in Amiens before finding a buyer, from 190 to 337 days for Le Havre or 184 or 478 days on Brest.

Everything depends on the market, the quality of your property, its precise location. You will find a purchaser easier and faster in the most attractive areas, those also where the offer is less.

A solution to sell quickly

For these assets that sometimes take a little time to find a buyer , the lease with option to purchase is an alternative to opening up to a new market or a new customer target. Real customers but different needs or requirements. This can be an effective way to lower the time to market.

Leasing with an option to purchase makes it possible to optimize its chances and reach a new target of buyers by offering the property in innovative and particularly attractive conditions. These conditions allow the purchaser to take the time, to discover what being owner means, to build with his bank an offer of loan which corresponds to the contribution which it is constituted and its means.


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For the duration of the lease, which precedes the act of purchase itself, the purchaser constitutes a contribution that allows him to buy more easily. This is a win-win solution for the seller: his property is busy and even gives him the buyer gets in the most favorable situation to buy.

Good tips for selling quickly

Of course, all the advice that you are usually given to sell your home quickly remain valid. Your future buyer should fall in love with your home, even in lease with option to buy. Also, you need to follow some common sense tips that facilitate all transactions from individual to individual such as by calling a real estate agent to accompany you.

1. Being at the right price

Do not sell your house, but do not dream either! If your house is the cheapest in the neighborhood, it will be sold faster, that’s for sure. But the lease with purchase option allows you to find the right buyer at the right price. No need to go down immediately below the market price. Keep a trading margin.


  1. Make your house attractive

A stroke of paint, up-to-date maintenance work, a furnished, tidy, airy house, in which the future buyer can already feel at home. These are basic tips, but do not overlook the details: painted shutters, window curtains, clean bathrooms. That goes without saying? Almost … But that’s not always the case. Many real estate agents can testify!


  1. Give confidence

At the slightest doubt, the slightest uncertainty, your seller will prefer to turn to another property that this house you want to sell as soon as possible. Or he will simply take the time to think, and it’s as many days lost for you. Show your buyer as soon as possible that you have maintained your home well, and that it will not have a bad surprise. Play transparency, show even the bills!


  1. Do you invest?

Selling your house quickly requires time: things do not happen alone. You sell your house? Want to get the best price? Think of it as a job, a real job. You have to communicate, talk about it, and spend the time needed for housekeeping and gardening, so that your home is always ready for a visit.