December 6, 2023

Should you get a hang-on-tank one or submersible or the cable system unit? There are different kinds of aquarium and each one needs a different kind of heater that is primarily decided by the surrounding environment. Hence you have to know what heater size is to be used for a saltwater aquarium, freshwater aquarium or a reef aquarium.

What should be the temperature of a reef aquarium or the saltwater one?

The size of the heater is decided by the surrounding temperature of the aquarium. If the temperature of the room does not fluctuate much and the heating is steady, then there is no need to purchase a big heater. A small one is enough to do the job. If the heating of the room does not remain the same and keeps going up and down than you will need a bigger heater. Let us take an example. If you are planning to keep your aquarium in your living room so that it could attract guests and add to the beauty of the interiors, a smaller heater will be enough. Temperatures in the living room or the bedroom remain there a battery operated fish tank heater

Therefore a heater that puts out 2.5 watts per gallon will work fine. However, if you are planning to keep the aquarium in a room that is near to the door or has a terrace that is opened and changes the temperature of the room, then purchase a heater that generates 5 watts per gallon. This is so because a heater that is bigger keeps the temperature of the aquarium steady regardless of the fluctuations taking place in the surroundings. If you have installed a bigger heater at such a place, the temperature of the aquarium will not lessen during winters. This is the basic rule through which one can decide the right heater size that should be bought.

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