December 7, 2023

You need to take care of yourself after your massage and it all starts from the finish of the hour, when getting off the therapist’ table you need to look after your back.

Turn you head to the side of the table you wish to get off the table from, roll onto your side… allow the lower part of the legs to hang off the side as you push yourself into a sitting position. Make sure you sit on the edge of the table and allow your circulation to adjust, before standing. When about to stand make sure both feet touch the ground as this will help ground you energetically back to the earth.

Drink plenty of water after your massage treatment, drinking water allow the kidneys to flush out the toxins that the massage has moved in the body. It helps to rehydrate the muscles and increase’s the circulatory system, Water helps reduce backache as the back portion rests on the spinal cord which is made up of a large volume of water which means dehydration can relate to back pain.

Follow up your in home/ mobile massage with an Epsom salt bath. Otherwise you can treat yourself later when you get home. Epsom salt contains essential vitamins and minerals; magnesium eases stress, improves sleep, helps muscles and nerve function properly also reducing inflammation to relieve pain and muscle cramps. Sulfates improve the absorption of nutrients and help from joint proteins, brain tissue and mucin proteins. 2 cups in a warm bath and soak for 12 minutes is thai massage

Be aware of your posture, after your treatments try some yoga positions, if returning to work after a massage check the ergonomics of your work station are correct. Invest in a posture chair for your work station.

Check your foot ware you would be surprised how foot ware can give you bad posture. If you can correct bad posture you will be able to undo any injuries or physical limits that restrict the body.

Exercise and stretch regularly, keep flexible, muscles love to move and be painfree. Static stretching is great exercise to help keep flexible and improve joint range of motion. With static stretching the muscle is held in the stretch position and held statically (without any movement) this type of stretching if done carefully does not aggravate existing injuries. Consult your therapist to be shown correct static stretching for your situation.

The benefits of mobile/ in home massage are that you can go to bed, relaxed and calm after your massage. The body does its repair work while you sleep. A 20 minute nap after you massage can improve body, mind and soul

Invest in the habit of positive thinking, thoughts can hold pain in the body, Negative Thinking=Pain. Learn to use affirmations in your daily life. Make sure your therapist has a positive outlook on life; an easy way to check is to listen to what your therapist has to say about life. Healthy Mind=Healthy Body.

Make sure you keep massage a regular part of your health maintenance. You can start off with fortnightly treatments until the body has reprogrammed itself to function at its best then treatments can be made to 6-8 week intervals.

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