What is symmetric optical fiber?

Fiber optics has established itself as one of the best connections to the internet, due to signal stability and low latency . But now, what is the difference between symmetric and asymmetric optical fiber?

Symmetric optical fiber is a last generation internet connection, through which we can enjoy the same upload speed as download (download).

Traditional internet connections, such as ADSL, usually offer a certain download speed (depending on the tariff you hire) and the upload speed is usually around 10% of the download speed. A few years ago, when our use of the internet corresponded mainly to viewing content online or even downloading it, it did not matter that our connection was asymmetric. But today, the speed of upload has taken much more prominence. If we use social networks, play online or keep our files in the cloud safe we ​​will notice a great improvement in our experience of use if we go from an asymmetric connection to a symmetric fiber optic enclosure in china.

Advantages of symmetric fiber optics

Higher quality in video calls. If you use real-time video transmission platforms, such as Facetime or Skype, to communicate with friends, family, or work, the fluidity of the video call image and sound will improve considerably if you have symmetric optical fiber.

Best connection in streaming  games If you have a facet gamer , you definitely need symmetric optical fiber. This connection greatly reduces the lag or ping by decreasing the response time of your PC with the server.

Less file upload time. This translates into many advantages. On the one hand, if you use platforms such as Vimeo or YouTube to upload videos or even make live connections, the load time will be reduced very considerably with a symmetric connection. Similarly, if you work with file storage platforms in the cloud, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud or similar, the upload and subsequent viewing of files will be much faster with symmetric fiber optic enclosure. And of course, everything that means uploading any heavy file from your computer to the internet, such as a movie, a multimedia you want to send via Mega, WeTransfer, 4Shared, etc., will load faster (the difference can be of hours if it weighs a few GB ) with a symmetric connection.

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