Safety advice for a lifting platform

A   vertical lifting platform for loading can lead to a series of risks, such as people and objects falling through the hole, if the platform is in an elevated position, the load itself can move or move or be trapped in any part of the route: structure, walls, floors, etc. However, if the installation and its use is done according to the manufacturer’s instructions, they disappear completely because enough safety measures have been taken to avoid them (MONTASCALE).

In spite of this, there are a series of basic safety rules that you should take into account if you usually handle the lifts or if you ever see yourself in the situation of having to do it. Before entering the subject, we would like to emphasize that there are several types of lifting platforms , depending on the activity that will be carried out with it, but these may be some common tips to all of them.

– The entire hole through which the platform circulates must be protected and the access doors equipped with automated locks with the control circuit to avoid opening a door uncontrollably if it is not standing on the floor.

– Do not place any load that exceeds the weight limit allowed by the platform.

– Do not place ladders or scaffolding or any element that exceeds the perimeter of the platform .

– Do not manipulate the components of the machine , nor replace parts freely because it may affect the safety of the platform.

– Whenever you agree to do the loading or unloading work on the platform, you must keep on your base and, if there are any, do not lean on the rails around the machine. It is strictly forbidden to use the platform to access other floors as if it were an elevator , only the displacement of the load is allowed.

– Before the platform moves, make sure that there is no obstacle blocking its way.

– We recommend that you are properly qualified for the operation and use of the machine .

In addition to this list of recommendations, the lifting platforms incorporate a series of systems that provide the safety of the user, for example, a parachute valve that prevents uncontrolled lowering in case of rupture of the hydraulic pipe or valves that prevent to operate the platform if it is overweight , or microruptores and in some cases wedge boxes that immobilize the platform in case of loosening or rupture of suspension cables, etc.

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