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How to sell your house quickly?

Wednesday, February 6th, 2019

Find out how you can sell your home quickly with the option to rent. An innovative method.

When you put a house up for sale, you do it in the hope that things will go as quickly as possible. However, for everything to happen at best, we must put all the chances on his side. But first, what does it mean to sell your house quickly? Sell ​​your house in less than a week? In less than a month? Do you think you can put less than three months to sell your house? It would indeed be a reasonable way of seeing things. But it is difficult to get an idea as long as you have not put your property on sale austin house buyers.

Yet, the numbers are known: on average, when you decide to put a house or apartment up for sale, you have to wait less than 90 days to complete a transaction. But it’s an average. When you are under 90 days to find a buyer, this is called selling your house quickly. When we go beyond this period, we cross the psychological pivot point of the sale of a property beyond which there may be a problem. And then, the more time passes, the more questions are asked, and the more risks there are to be in a complex situation to manage. Either you end up selling your house, or you bear the cost patiently waiting for the ideal buyer. Neither of these two solutions is satisfactory.

Of course, the national average does not always reflect what is happening in your city, or neighborhood. Selling your home quickly is more or less difficult, more or less fast, depending on the region. Some goods can wait 250 or even 283 days in Amiens before finding a buyer, from 190 to 337 days for Le Havre or 184 or 478 days on Brest.

Everything depends on the market, the quality of your property, its precise location. You will find a purchaser easier and faster in the most attractive areas, those also where the offer is less.

A solution to sell quickly

For these assets that sometimes take a little time to find a buyer , the lease with option to purchase is an alternative to opening up to a new market or a new customer target. Real customers but different needs or requirements. This can be an effective way to lower the time to market.

Leasing with an option to purchase makes it possible to optimize its chances and reach a new target of buyers by offering the property in innovative and particularly attractive conditions. These conditions allow the purchaser to take the time, to discover what being owner means, to build with his bank an offer of loan which corresponds to the contribution which it is constituted and its means.


More: 7 things to know about renting with option to buy

For the duration of the lease, which precedes the act of purchase itself, the purchaser constitutes a contribution that allows him to buy more easily. This is a win-win solution for the seller: his property is busy and even gives him the buyer gets in the most favorable situation to buy.

Good tips for selling quickly

Of course, all the advice that you are usually given to sell your home quickly remain valid. Your future buyer should fall in love with your home, even in lease with option to buy. Also, you need to follow some common sense tips that facilitate all transactions from individual to individual such as by calling a real estate agent to accompany you.

1. Being at the right price

Do not sell your house, but do not dream either! If your house is the cheapest in the neighborhood, it will be sold faster, that’s for sure. But the lease with purchase option allows you to find the right buyer at the right price. No need to go down immediately below the market price. Keep a trading margin.


  1. Make your house attractive

A stroke of paint, up-to-date maintenance work, a furnished, tidy, airy house, in which the future buyer can already feel at home. These are basic tips, but do not overlook the details: painted shutters, window curtains, clean bathrooms. That goes without saying? Almost … But that’s not always the case. Many real estate agents can testify!


  1. Give confidence

At the slightest doubt, the slightest uncertainty, your seller will prefer to turn to another property that this house you want to sell as soon as possible. Or he will simply take the time to think, and it’s as many days lost for you. Show your buyer as soon as possible that you have maintained your home well, and that it will not have a bad surprise. Play transparency, show even the bills!


  1. Do you invest?

Selling your house quickly requires time: things do not happen alone. You sell your house? Want to get the best price? Think of it as a job, a real job. You have to communicate, talk about it, and spend the time needed for housekeeping and gardening, so that your home is always ready for a visit.

How to sell a house in Madrid in the fastest way: tips and advice

Tuesday, December 4th, 2018

If you agree to this article, it is probably because it is difficult for you to sell your home and you are not doing it in the time you expected. From Deplace we want to provide you with a series of tips so that you have clear, on the one hand, certain keys to make your home attractive in the eyes of potential buyers and, on the other hand, what is needed to sell a house Houston house buyers.

In this article we explain a series of techniques to sell your apartment quickly and be attractive to potential buyers.

Keys to make your house attractive to a buyer

We start with the most logical and obvious part, but many times it is not or we forget about it: your apartment has to be attractive for buyers, not for you. Both in price and aesthetically.

And is that often the love we have is nothing more than a mere bandage that prevents us from getting the sale. That’s why we want this article to refresh certain basic ideas that will help us how to sell a quick floor.

Price or cost of the property

Putting a price on housing is not easy and often is the brake to get sell in a short time. We all try to get the most out of the sale and at the beginning we usually put a very high price that scares away the buyers. With this the only thing that is achieved is, most likely, that the homes of your neighbors are sold before yours.

But you should not put a price too low thinking that it will sell much earlier, as this can give a negative image that makes the buyer think that the house has some “snag”: something that we try to hide and other buyers have discovered and that’s why they do not buy.

Therefore, the first thing to do is to study similar houses in the neighborhood and enter that bid. It is not a bad idea to pass you off as a buyer of other homes and visit them. That way you can make a better comparison and estimate if your house is better or worse than the one you are visiting and can put a higher or lower price accordingly.

All this process can be easier if you have a real estate agency that intercedes for you and knows how to put the most appropriate price. In the end, selling a quick floor is usually the best option.

Aesthetics of housing

Many sales are lost at the time the prospective buyer makes the visit, because he does not like what he sees or is not what he expected. Make sure you make a very good description in the ad and above all, do not lie in it. Also the photographs have to be done by a professional or by someone who understands how to reflect in a spectacular way each of the rooms and even make them look bigger than they are. With this we will manage to pass the first filter in front of the competition and that the buyers want to come to know it.

Some aesthetic tips to sell quick floor to consider are:

  • Perfect condition: There can be no damage. Before putting it on sale you have to make all the repairs that are necessary because they will help to revalue. Nobody would enter to live in a house in which the windows do not close well, the faucets drip or the furniture in the kitchen is a disaster.
  • Absolute cleaning: In addition, it is essential that everything is clean so that it gives the impression that the buyer can enter to live in a new and hygienic place.
  • The more light, the better: The luminosity is always a very important factor. Therefore when buyers visit the house is an aspect that will take into account. If you do not have much natural light available artificial lighting in an intelligent way as well as small tricks in terms of removing curtains or furniture that are dark and make space more sad.
  • Remove any personal element: The new tenant does not have to share your same tastes. That is why leaving pictures, tablecloths, lamps, bathroom or kitchen utensils or decorative elements do not make much sense. A house replete with elements will seem smaller than it really is and if they are not to the taste of the buyer, they will scare you away.
  • Nice and neutral painting: Surely change after acquiring the house, so it is better not to risk. In addition, the walls in light tones provide light with which we add another positive thing.
  • Pleasant moment: Always advance before the visit of a potential buyer to turn on the heating or activate the air conditioning. During the winter it is essential to demonstrate the good heating that the floor has, as well as in summer the temperature has to be pleasant so that you want to be in it and not have a bad time.


Documentation needed to sell your house

It is crucial that, before starting the sales process, you have all the documentation in order so that you can carry out this process. Therefore you will need:

  • ID of buyer and seller.
  • Purchase deed of the selling party.
  • Last receipt of contribution (IBI), or failing that, certificate of being up to date with payment.
  • Certificate issued by the Secretary-Administrator of the Community, of being up to date with community quotas (both ordinary and extraordinary). The certificate must indicate if there are budgeted works in the approved building and with pending fees to pay.
  • Certificate of current habitability. It is a document in which it appears reflected that the property meets the minimum conditions for any person to live in the house. It expires every 15 years and is certified by an architect, either technical or rigger.
  • Energy efficiency certificate. It is mandatory in Spain since 2013 in the cases of purchase or rental.
  • The price and the method of payment must be indicated. In the case of payments on account, the amounts paid and the dates. In the case of transfers, you must provide proof of the same, and in the case of payment by check. Photocopies of them. In any case, you must indicate the numbering of the account or accounts where the funds come from through which the price is paid.
  • In the case of mortgages, a pending debt certificate or administrative cancellation certificate issued by the creditor entity must be provided.
  • In the case of other types of charges, such as seizures, you must provide the necessary documentation for cancellation.
  • If the construction of the house is prior to 1971, the certificate of technical inspection of the building must be provided. In the event that it is not available, the reason for its lack must be accredited, either by accreditation of the Community of Owners themselves, or by express manifestation of the selling party.

Once all this documentation has been gathered and a buyer who wants to acquire it has been found, the purchase process will be carried out through a notary that certifies said process and all this must be presented in the Property Registry. If you do not have all this documentation in order, it is possible that the processes will slow down, so your idea of ​​selling your quick floor will be delayed.

How to sell a flat quickly and without lowering the price! 25 tricks

Tuesday, December 4th, 2018

Sell ​​a quick floor and without lowering the price. It seems utopian, but you can get it by applying these 25 tricks of expert agents Houston house buyers.

How to sell a fast floor. Expert agent tricks

Have you thought about redecorating the entrance to improve the first impression of the potential buyers?

It is proven that the purchase of a floor is decided in the first seconds, so get to work!

This is just one of the many tips that are listed below to help you sell your apartment quickly and without lowering the price.

Like this one, there are many other tricks to captivate visitors and make them see how ideal your home is for them.

Remember that you can use the handyman service in your Zurich home insurance for small repairs. Here you can read all the conditions of your home insurance.


25 tricks to sell a quick floor:


  1. If you live in the apartment you want to sell, stay only with the minimum and essential. If you do not have a place to store your things, hire a storage space. The floor has to be ordered at all times, otherwise the buyer can understand that there is not enough storage space or that it is not a comfortable home.


  1. It is true that leaving some furniture makes it easier for the buyer to get the idea of ​​the dimensions of the floor, but too many get the opposite effect, that is, that visitors see the floor much smaller than it is.


  1. Beware of old beds, tables and cabinets, they usually make the rooms look much darker and smaller.


  1. The storage room, if you have it, must also be clear so that it stands out as a large space.


  1. The more you depersonalize the environment the better. So save the photos, pictures and posters, especially those that allude to political and / or religious ideologies.


  1. Add some decorative touch with neutral colors, plants or candles (never lit if you are not to control them). If you do not know where to start there are professionals who are dedicated to doing what is known as “home staging” or house makeup in order to sell them faster with or without real estate.


  1. Ventilate and buy air fresheners, especially if you are a smoker or have animals.


  1. Assess the possibility of repainting the floor, doing so will also help eliminate unwanted odors.


  1. Put curtains of neutral colors and always leave the beds made.


  1. Thoroughly clean all corners: whoever goes to see the floor feels comfortable at all times.


  1. Weigh, too, the possibility of carrying out small repairs or aesthetic retouching.


  1. Check all the bulbs for good lighting in all rooms of the house.


  1. Put a small table with soft drinks in an especially cozy area on the floor so that visitors can sit and reflect after the visit. Make them feel at home!


  1. Once everything is in order take the opportunity to take pictures of the property at times when there is lighter. Make several and choose the best ones with the help of trusted people.


  1. Make a list of good things on the floor to explain to people who are interested. Do not get angry if they say negative things during the visit, concentrate on explaining what is positive about them.


  1. If the floor needs repairs it can be a good idea to ask for a budget of how much it would cost to reform it to be able to tell the buyer about it.


  1. Be realistic with the price, compare with other properties in your area (those that you know have been sold, not those that have been in the market for more than a year) and leave some margin to be able to make a small reduction. They say that if during the first weeks you do not get more than 20 people interested in seeing it, you have made a mistake in the price.


  1. If you are going to announce the sale of the apartment in different channels, check that the price is the same in all; otherwise you may end up generating distrust. Read our article on how to make an ad to sell your apartment (with examples) .


  1. If you live in the apartment you want to sell, make sure that during the visits there is no one at home apart from the person responsible for the sale. If you have a dog or a cat you will also have to avoid its presence.


  1. Teach the floor at the time when there is more light, the first hours of the morning are usually the best.


  1. Do not forget to turn off the radio, TV or other appliances so that your visitor does not feel that you are interrupting your free time. If you hear the noise of the neighbor play ambient music.


  1. Schedule appointments also on Saturdays and Sundays. Do not lose a sale because of laziness.


  1. Treat all offers seriously, even if they are too low. Focus on what you want to achieve and try to reach an agreement that favors you.


  1. If you also want to sell the parking, leave your car parked so that the measurements are clearly perceived.


  1. Finally, remember to put yourself in the skin of the buyer, for it can help you go to visit apartments similar to yours, so you can get a better idea of ​​who you are competing against.

Enjoy Dedicated Professional Working With Houston Remodeling Contractors

Tuesday, August 29th, 2017

Houston remodeling contractors

Home renovation is an interesting activity for home owners especially the women. Finding the best renovation approaches according to your preferences and budgets is a time consuming task. No doubt, renovation of entire home takes considerable time but our strategies shorten this duration benefiting the sellers. Contact us at real estate investing Houston and there will be lots of new plans to make things better in a remarkable way.

We work with attention:

As a matter of fact, keen interest and attention are required to finish the projects as soon as possible. Same is considered valuable to deliver a new idea which has never been used for home renovation. It is believed that novel ideas are always welcomed by the home owners because they want to make their homes distinguishable in the society. We are famous in this industry because of we take real interest in the projects owned. You will experience real care and professionalism when working with us.

Completion on time:

Meeting with deadlines is one of the most essential elements of professionalism. We are highly careful about the deadlines decided with the clients in agreements. Don’t take tension about the project requirements and tasks. We always analyze the ideas proposed and working conditions when giving a deadline. This enables our clients to complete the work before the end date. On the other hand, Houston remodeling contractors also enable the clients to finalize their deals on time. This helps the sellers to develop positive recognition in business fields.