5 tricks to succeed on Instagram

Nothing inspires more than a beautiful house. And we know that very well those of us who spend hours and hours looking at incredible interior photos on social networks. What if yours became a source of inspiration for others? We give you 5 tips to make your home the focus of Instagram and your followers multiply!


  1. Photograph only what is necessary

What do you want to highlight? Focus on one aspect and remove everything that can divert attention from him buyiglikes.com buy ig likes.

  1. Layers, the key to success

Books, sculptures, vases … If you want an impressive photo, apply this technique. Stack several picture books and place a vase on top, or group a nice collection of colored glasses on the shelf and with a white wall in the background.

  1. Beware of colors

We love colors, but in photos they work best in moderation. Idea 1.) Bet on a natural look with discrete colors such as white, beige, gray or taupe. Idea 2.) Combines with some brushstrokes of striking colors such as: fuchsia, mint green or lemon yellow. Idea 3.) Opt for a monochromatic finish in your favorite color.

  1. The power of light

Never use the flash for indoor photos, always take advantage of natural light. To avoid having to make many alterations, take the pictures early in the morning or in the afternoon when it is getting dark.

  1. Pictures full of life

Always place flowers or plants so that the image is not so rigid. Another thing that always works is to add a candle or a piece of cake, in this way you can see that the house is inhabited.

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