5 tips to take care of feet in autumn

unha encravada com pus

After the summer season, pains appear in areas of the foot due to improper use of footwear during the summer

When the summer finishes, there usually appear pains in the ankle, the toes and the sole of the foot due to the improper use of flip flops or to walk barefoot (unha encravada com pus). Here we show five simple tips to return to closed shoes.

When autumn begins, 75% of the pathologies treated by podiatrists in their consultations are related to the abusive use of inappropriate shoes, such as clogs and flip flops, or to walk barefoot in excess, according to the Official College of Community Podiatrists Valenciana (ICOPCV).

The most common ailments are pain in the ankle, in the plant, instep and internal arch of the foot, and excessive dehydration of the entire foot; nails blunted or broken by daily contact with water and the use of bare footwear are also frequent. .

These are the five tips that the experts give to take care of the feet before returning to use closed shoes:

1- Perform chiropody to remove excess dead skin and moisturize the heels and soles of the foot.

2- Moisturize the feet properly to avoid the appearance of blisters, cracks and dryness, especially in the heel

3- Dry the feet carefully. The excess of humidity causes multiple problems in the feet, reason why they must be dried meticulously, paying special attention to the interdigital space, to avoid the appearance of fungi and bacteria.

4- Choose correctly the socks that should be of natural fibers, to allow a correct transpiration to the foot and not to tighten in the high part to avoid circulatory problems.

5- Check the insole of the footwear. When the shoes remain stored for several months it is possible that the insoles have been dried by sweating, worn or broken. In the event that the footwear is in good condition, it is recommended to change them in case they have appeared fungior generate discomfort when walking. In addition, we must check the soles and change the covers, if they are damaged, so that the footwear does not suffer from the wear of them.

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